How do I reset a Supplier User's password?

Reset a Supplier's Password

If your Supplier forgets their password you can reset their password, direct them to the Password Help link on the portal login screen, or please, email Support at .

Reset your Supplier's Password

1. Click the hamburger icon to expand Admin Tools and navigate to Users. (The hamburger icon is the stacked three lines in the top left corner)

reset s

2. Click on the Supplier Tab to view all Supplier Users.

reset s2

3. Locate the Supplier User either by scrolling down your list or using the search bar on the bottom left of the screen. Hover your mouse over the Supplier User and an icon will appear on the far right. When you click this icon the option to Edit Profile, Deactivate User, and Reset Password is shown. To reset the password click on Reset Password.

reset s3

4. A window will appear that has a text bar to chose a temporary password for the Supplier User.

reset s4

5. You will need to tell your Supplier User their temporary password you entered. They will use this temporary password when they are logging into the portal. They will be prompted to enter and re-enter a new password they pick. This will now be their new password.

Direct Your Supplier's to the Password Help link

1. Direct your Supplier to the portal login screen.

reset p 4

2. When they click on Password Help the next screen will ask them to enter their User Name and click Submit.

reset p 5

3. They will be prompted to check their email for reset instructions.

reset p 6

The email looks like this:

reset p 7-1

4. When they click on the link in the email they will be directed to a page to reset their own password.

reset p 8

5. Once they enter their new password 2 times they will be brought back to the login screen where they will enter their User Name and password.